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Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015
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Ss Alban & Stephen - Weekly Reflection
Report on the Parish Assembly, 10th June 2017

Come and See

“Being missionaries sets fire to the parish” so said David Wells at his inspirational preparatory pre-Assembly reflection.
He invited us all to step back, look at our parish and consider “what would you change?”
So it was that on a warm Saturday in June, 64 members of the parish met to celebrate and reflect upon the hard work and dedication of the many people who have worked together in the five Priority Groups that were identified in 2014
  >>>  Click here for the report on the previous (2014) Assembly


The day began with presentations from the five Priority Groups:

   Community Support download the June 2017 talk
   Justice and Peace
download the June 2017 JPIC talk
   Liturgy download the June 2017 Liturgy talk
   Mission download the June 2017 Mission talk; and
download the June 2017 Youth talk

Slide packs are available - click on the links above or select from the list in the box on the right


Main slidepack (with all groups' presentations)
Safeguarding slides

Details from 457 Feedback Forms

Points to support Parish Friends Talk

These affirmed that ours is a vibrant parish with plenty going on and we all expressed our thanks for the groups’ commitment and enthusiasm that makes this possible.

This was followed by an informative presentation on Safeguarding - click here for this

Finally the results from the analysis of the 457 Parish Feedback forms
(click here for these) returned were discussed.

We then moved on to consider the way forward for our parish in the next three years. As we did, we took note of Fr TJ’s comments at the pre-Assembly meeting that we have to face the reality that the Catholic Church is changing with a lack of vocations which will mean that we the laity need to step up and play our part in our church.


The Assembly was asked to consider specific areas of priority for the Parish for the next 3 years. It split into discussion groups that identified three main areas to put alongside the five existing Priority Groups;
the Assembly decided to retain the five existing Priority Groups with the request that each of them should address and report back to the PPC their ideas on the following three areas:

       Young Adults (particularly 16–30 age group); and
       Leadership of the Laity.

Discussion groups were then re-organised and asked to consider the main points for these new areas and how they might be addressed.

Want channels to be easy and to engage more people, remembering that all forms of communication are important as some prefer traditional methods others new technology.
Focus on participation for 16–30 age group where social media is a huge factor.
Engage more – more dynamic and current content on the website.
Perhaps some of our groups should be more visible e.g. advertise meetings and activities in the bulletin.

Young Adults particularly in the 16 – 30 age range
Possibly combine events with neighbouring parishes to reach a wider audience including use of social media/apps/twitter/cyber cafe. Explore idea of youth assembly. Youth likes to be led by youth; involve 16–30s in preparation and running of an event. Highlight on the website and notice board in porch many things available for 16–30 already. Liturgy needs to be focused on age group with appropriate music, choirs, events, masses possibly in collaboration with other churches

Leadership of Laity
Need to plan for the time when there are fewer priests. What would leadership of the laity look like and how should the Parish engage with this going forward?  Investigate opportunities to grow faith of laity through talks and courses that deepen our understanding.  Prepare for greater practical involvement for pastoral care from the laity in various ways but not that replicate the clergy.

Action Points

The following were voted on and agreed by the Assembly.
1) The motion to amend and adopt the new Constitution for the Parish Assembly/PPC
    was carried
Click here to download a copy

2) The five existing Priority Groups should remain:

    Community Support (N.B. Parish Friends was renamed Community Support at the 2014 Assembly).
    Justice and Peace
    Mission; and

3)    Each Priority Group should include

       Young Adults (particularly 16–30 age group); and
       Leadership of the Laity.

       as part of their brief and report back regularly to the PPC.

4)    A sub group of the Youth Priority Group should be formed to further address the needs of Young Adults.

5)    PPC to form a sub group to consider the practicalities of establishing a
       Leadership of the Laity programme.

6)    The PPC will collate and implement ideas from the Priority Groups on
       how communications on parish life could be improved.

7)    Community Support to consider how to reach out to the vulnerable and to support
       struggling families: working with existing groups in the parish and link to other churches.

8)    Collaboration with other faiths in St Albans needs to continue and increase. The Mission
       and Liturgy Priority Groups, in particular, to action.

9)    PPC to take forward how we can help Fr T J with Parish tasks such as maintenance,
       etc. – salaried positions were suggested.

Nominations received for PPC

Five independent members: David Myles, Stan Grabecki, Melanie O’Neill, Ann Hill, Ian Nash were voted unanimously onto the PPC. Priority Groups have 30 days to elect their representative to the PPC (by 9th July).

Sara Nash, June 2017
Pre Assembly Downloads

Prior to the Assembly we made three downloads available the Assembly Prayer, the Assembly Poster, and pre Assembly Feedback Form (this one was also available on line).

For completeness, these links are still available (please note that the opportunity to complete the feedback form is now closed)

Click: The Assembly Prayer

Click: Poster

Click: Online Feedback Form
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