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Beaconsfield Road,
St Albans, Herts, AL1 3RB

Phone: 01727 853585

Parish Priest Fr TJ (Tom) Plower
Secretary  Ivana Mearns


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Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015
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  6.00 pm

Saturday Evening

  8.00 am
Quiet Mass
  9.00 am
at Marshalswick Mass Centre (2 miles away)
  9.30 am
Family Mass
11.30 am A more "high" Mass
  4.00 pm Polish Mass (not every Sunday - refer to bulletin)
  7.00 pm
Folk Mass

10.00 am
Every day
12 noon
at St Albans Abbey (Fridays only)
  7.00 pm
Every day
Italian & Polish Masses

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Masses not in the church

Every Sunday, there is Mass at 9.00am at Marshalswick Mass Centre (at St John Fisher School)

On Fridays at 12 noon, there is Catholic Mass at St Albans Cathedral

Christmas, Easter, etc.

At times such as Advent, Christmas, Easter, Lent etc., times of Masses will vary click for more
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Weekly Reflection
Weekly Bulletin
Sunday 3rd December 2017
Advent I

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The monastic tradition preserves early morning prayers and vigils, so that, at least symbolically, the monk awaits the coming of Christ at an hour that might not be expected.  This is the work of a good watchman, a figure that we find often mentioned in the scriptures and particularly in the prophetic texts. The watchman is called to see what might be overlooked by others – by night and by day. He will see the first glimmer of the dawn, or maybe the rising dust from an approaching messenger, or maybe the glimmering shield of an enemy host.

In the Gospel, the master is absent from the house. His return will be a time for all things to be restored and renewed. The first sign of harmony will come when the watchman greets his master’s return.  The attentive watchfulness of the watchman who joyfully anticipates the restoration of harmony with the coming of his master is an image of hope. This is not bland optimism, nor wishful speculation, but rather a focused and attentive expectation. The Christian community, in these dark days of winter, is called in like manner to the watchman’s post, attentively, and hopefully, awaiting the homecoming Lord who will make all things visible.
Ss Alban & Stephen - Sunday Masses this week
Masses this Weekend
   In the Church
  6.00 pm
   Linda Peters Anniv.                   
First mass of Sunday

In the Church

In the Church
In the Church
In the Church
  8.00 am
  9.00 am

  9.30 am
11.30 am
  4.00 pm
  7.00 pm

People of the Parish  
Tom Williamson Ints.
(this Mass NOT at the Church)    
Mass for newly baptised & new Parishioners  
Brendan Hollywood Anniv.                   
No Polish Mass this week
Anna Avvinti Anniv
... and during the week

Morning Mass
Evening Mass

St Nicholas
St Ambrose
Immaculate Conception
10am & 7pm
10am & 7pm
10am & 7pm
10am & 7pm
10am & 7pm

Win and John Pilling RIP
Michael Alfred West RIP
Frederick Davis funeral
Brian Lee Anniv.
Gwen Tominey RIP
Sylvia McDonald 
Mary Newcombe RIP
Ken Colfer RIP
MSC Benefactors
Barry McGee Ints.
Br. Roger Bosse SC RIP

All year round, on Friday only, Mass is also celebrated at 12.00 noon in St Albans Abbey         
Ss Alban & Stephen - Weekly Reflection
Readings for This Sunday
First Reading:
Isaiah 63:16-17, 64:1, 3-8 There is a sense of mercy of God, who will act dramatically to restore his people, even to the extent of tearing up the heavens.

Second Reading:
1 Corinthians 1:3-9 Paul thanks God for what his fellow Christians have received.

Gospel Reading:
Mark 13:33-37 Three times in this reading we hear the words ‘Stay awake!’ Three times the Apostles will fall asleep.
Weekday Readings


Is 2:1-5; Ps 121:1-2.4-9; Mt 8:5-11
Is 11:1-10; Ps 71:1-2.7-8.12-13.17; Lk 10:23-24
Is 25:6-10; Ps 22:1-6; Mt 15.29-37
Is 26:1-6; Ps 117:1.8-9.19-21.25-27; Mt 7:21.24-27
Gen 3:9-15.20; Ps 97:1-4; Eph 1:3-6.11-12; Lk 1:26-38
Is 30:19-21.23-26; Ps 146:1-6; Mt 9:35-10:1.6-8
Ss Alban and Stephen
You Can Be Santa Many thanks to all volunteers who visited families and returned consent forms and letters; we are now ready for the next stage. For those who signed up as benefactors, the ticket drawing will take place after all Masses this weekend in the Parish Centre/coffee area (not the porch!). You will receive the letter to Santa, age and gender of the recipient plus full instructions for buying presents. If you cannot attend one of these Masses, please contact the Santa team by e-mail ( to make alternative arrangements. Your generous support to this initiative is continuing to spread the joy and true message of Christmas to more than 100 children and their families!!

Starting Reception 2018 Families with a child born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 are now able to apply for a Reception place for September 2018. The Herts Online system admissions/ will be open until 15th January 2018.

Travelling Crib 1 We are asking families to invite the Travelling Crib into their home for a night during Advent starting from Sunday 3rd December (First Sunday of Advent). The Crib will be delivered to your house by the hosting family of the previous day, and then you are asked to deliver it onto the next family after you. An Advent candle will accompany the Crib -  you are invited to light it when the Crib arrives to acknowledge that its inhabitants are your guests for the night. There is also a book with activities and prayers. Please sign your name, e-mail and contact telephone number on the sheets provided – these will be available after 9.30am Mass this Sunday, 19th November and next Sunday, 26th November. Once the lists are completed you will be sent details of the route of families via e-mail so you know who to deliver the Crib to, and who to contact to arrange a delivery to your home. Please help us to keep the Crib safe and warm this Advent, ready to greet Jesus when he arrives at Christmas. For details contact Sr. Anita

Travelling Crib 2 – Knitted Figures  Churches Together in Marshalswick will have a crib and knitted figures travelling around their churches' families. The crib will be hosted by Marshalswick Mass Centre 15th-19th December. Families house the crib for the night and invite friends and neighbours in to share a short experience withincluded candle and prayers; handing the crib on the following day to another home whose address will be provided. Contact Christine 07900 260190 or Maureen 07788 968654. Note, young children are not a requirement at host homes.

Wedding Congratulations to Anna Maria Nienjadlo and Krzysztof Boroch and to Chantelle Murphy and John Doran who were married at our Church recently. By the way, we are collecting quite few photographs of parishioners' weddings - some new, and some a little older - click here to have a look

Welcome into the Christian community Joshua Joseph Pugh who was baptised at our Church recently. We also offer our congratulations to his parents

Appointment of Parish Caretaker Following a public recruitment process, we are delighted to announce that Mark Healy has been appointed to the new role of Parish Caretaker. He will start his new role on 4th December. Mark is a parishioner who will be well known to all who attend Mass at Marshalswick. Mark will be responsible for overseeing maintenance in the parish buildings and grounds. He will be around primarily on weekday mornings and briefly at weekends and will work closely with people who continue  to volunteer to give  their time generously to ensure the smooth running of the parish. Please welcome and support Mark in his new role.

The Sick of our Parish Please pray for all those who are ill at this time including Thomas Kiely, Jack O’Mahoney, Carmaline Xavier, Douglas McLoughlin, Tom Williamson, Jim O’Neill, Elisabeth Page, Kathleen Murphy, Jim O’Connor, Therese Egan, Sr. Annie Bromham IBVM, Geraldine McBride, Fiona Wright, Becki Vousden, Vertina Fernandes, Veronica Hamilton, Claire Whitehead, Alice Daly, Richard Mayes, Sheila Doohan, Janet Szymczak, Noah Gregorio, Edie Hale, Gerry Smith, Edmond Mansfield, Ethel Holloway, Teresa Hill, Ida Daswa, Catrin Rees-Doherty, John Rowland, Margaret Moloney, Jim Moss, Margaret Malloney, Ruth O’Gorman, John Baxter, Derita Whyte, Carmen Mincu & Teresa Virrueta; may the Lord comfort them in their illness.

The Deceased Please pray for the repose of the souls of all those who have died recently including Mary Lee Berners-Lee, baby William Smith, Frederick David Davis, Fr. John McCarthy MSC, Peggy Brampton, Caroline Chivers, Elizabeth Gilbride and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time, including Patrick McGoohane
Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015
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