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Phone: 01727 853585

Parish Priest Fr TJ (Tom) Plower

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Saturday Evening

6.00 pm
Vigil Mass

  8.00 am
Quiet Mass
9.00 am
Mass at Marshalswick Mass Centre (2 miles away)
9.30 am
Family Mass
11.30 am  
A more "high" Mass
4.00 pm  
Polish Mass (but not every Sunday - refer to bulletin)
7.00 pm
Folk Mass
10.00 am
Every day
12 noon
Mass at St Albans Abbey (Fridays only)
7.00 pm
Every day
There is a Polish Mass in our church two Sundays per month. Click here for details

Currently there are no Italian Masses in the parish, but this may change in due course



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Weekly Reflection
Weekly Bulletin - Sunday 20th August - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(Liturgical Year A)
This week's reflection
‘Charity begins at home’ can be a very practical and wise guideline. It can also be used selfishly, and on occasion, even unjustly. It can be a coded way of saying what we have we hold. It can be an attitude of heart in an individual, a family, a neighbourhood, a profession, a trade union or even a country.
We may see traces of it in Jesus himself. He belonged to a race for whom God’s choice of them had led for many to an attitude that God’s gifts to them were exclusively for them.  Was that what prompted Jesus to refuse the Canaanite woman’s request at first asking?
In our time, this judgmental exclusion may be growing insidiously even among religious people and their practices. In times of change, uncertainty and fear, we feel free to put up the barriers individually or collectively no matter what the reality of other’s pressing needs.  One message we could comfortably take from this Gospel is the value of persevering prayer but the more serious challenge is to explore where each of us may exclude from our lives the traveller, the disabled, the homeless, those in direct provision and the less educated. 
Ss Alban & Stephen - Sunday Masses this week
Masses this Weekend
   In the Church
  6.00 pm
   Joe Sobieraj RIP first mass of Sunday

In the Church

In the Church
In the Church
In the Church
  8.00 am
  9.00 am

  9.30 am
11.30 am
  4.00 pm
  7.00 pm

Claire Linton RIP             
People of the Parish  

(this Mass NOT at the Church)
Mary Battles RIP                   
Leonardo Venetico RIP
Polish Mass
Anna and Stanley Norman Whittle RIP
... and during the week

  Morning Mass
Evening Mass

St. Maximilan Kolbe
10am &...
Debbie Lyons, Anniv.


Feast of the Assumption

    7pm (vigil)
10am & 7pm

EJ Syminovski funeral

Tereance De Cruz Ints.
Clare Moss RIP



10am & 7pm
10am & 7pm
10am & 7pm

Lazslo Ujlaki RIP
P Connolly Funeral
Christian Wade RIP
Syd Hopkins RIP 
MSC Benefactors
Danna Green RIP 
Amadeo Dell’Erario Ann.

Additionally this week, Wednesday, 4.30pm   LIE-IN FOR PATRICK CONNOLLY    

All year round, on Friday only, Mass is also celebrated at 12.00 noon in St Albans Abbey
Ss Alban & Stephen - Weekly Reflection
Readings for This Sunday
First Reading (Isaiah 56:1, 6-7) The Hebrews were God’s chosen people. Over time, consciousness of God’s choice led them to believe that this God was theirs exclusively. Isaiah points out that this is not so.
Second Reading (Romans 11:13-15, 29-32) Distraught at the refusal of his own people to accept Jesus as the Promised One, Paul strenuously points out that this does not mean their total rejection by God, more certainly since some Jews have accepted Jesus as their Risen Saviour.
Gospel Reading (Matthew 15:21-28) This Gospel reading seems to be an intrusion into the story of Jesus’ formation of Peter by strengthening his faith (last Sunday) and giving him the keys (next Sunday). In between these two momentous religious experiences, we have an insertion of ordinary daily living, a woman with a sick child looking for help.
Weekday Readings


Judg 2:11-19; Ps 105:34-37.39-40.43; Mt 19.16-22
Is 9:1-6; Ps 112:1-8; Lk 1:26-38
Judg 9:6-15; Ps 20:2-7; Mt 20:1-16
Apoc 21:9-14; Ps 144:10-13.17-18; Jn 1:45-51
Ruth 1:1.3-6.14-16.22; Ps 145:5-10; Mt 22:34-40
Ruth 2:1-3.8-11: 4:13-17; Ps 27:1-5; Mt 23:1-12
Ss Alban and Stephen
Download this week's Bulletin in full .. as well as back copies
On this page we publish this week's readings, the weekly reflection, the sick list, marriages births, deaths and so on.  You can read the "full" bulletin just by downloading, it in its entirety,as a PDF - just click here.
Previous bulletins You can now download back copies of the bulletin if you've missed them due to illness, holidays etc. just click here                 
First Holy Communion 2018  Enrolment forms are now available at the back of the Church. If you have a child who will be in Year 3 or above in September and they would like to join the Parish Programme for First Holy Communion, please fill in the enrolment and consent forms and return them to the Parish office for the attention of Sister Anita on or before Sunday 27th August 2017.  Please note: If your child was baptised outside our Parish you need to send in a copy of his/her baptismal certificate with the forms.  If your child was baptised here there is no need to send in a copy of the certificate.

School Governor Vacancy
Would you be interested in being a school governor? Have an opportunity to participate in the development of one of our Catholic schools? SS Alban & Stephen Infant & Nursery School has a vacancy for a new governor – ideally someone who does not have a child at the school but all are welcome to express interest. No qualification required – just an enthusiasm for Catholic education. For more information, please contact

Foundation Governor Vacancy  
SAS Catholic Junior School are looking to appoint a Foundation Governor who is committed to Catholic education. You will play a strategic role in helping shape and develop the future of the school and in supporting the children, staff and families.  If you are interested in this excellent opportunity please contact Mr Charles Soyka, headteacher 01727 866 668.

Nicholas Breakspear School - Studying in the Sixth Form  The school is delighted to announce that, due to its continued expansion, places have become available to study in the sixth form from September 2017.  Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School, in partnership with The John Henry Newman School, is a high achieving sixth form which offers a wide range of courses.  It is also able to offer smaller class sizes which enhances learning and enables students to excel academically. If you would like the opportunity to achieve your full potential at Level 3 study and enjoy the vast array of enrichment opportunities that make the school such a wonderful community, whilst being fully prepared for Higher Education or employment, then please contact Mr C Laing, Director of Sixth Form (860079) or e-mail:

Just a Minute - Wioudl you like to come alive in faith ? Then our journey of faith may be for you !  JIFFY (
Journey In Faith For You )is a group for adults (single or married) who may be:-

·    Wishing to explore and broaden their faith within a small group
·    Thinking of returning to Church
·    Wanting to support their children by exploring their own faith
·    Thinking of being Confirmed in your faith
·    Thinking of becoming a member of our Catholic faith community
·    Thinking of becoming a Christian / baptism

We meet every Thursday evening between 8.00p.m. – 9.30p.m. in Room 1 of the Parish Hall + one or two other dates / venues from September > Easter through to Pentecost each year. In the first instance contact Deacon Steve on 01727863925 or or any of our priests on 01727853585
or   see also 


Wedding Congratulations to Simon Doherty & Margaret Hanrahan who were married at our Church recently. By the way, we are collecting quite few photographs of parishioners' weddings - some new, and some a little older - click here to have a look

into the Christian community
Margaret Connors, Bella Roberts and Hugh Styles who were baptised at our Church recently. We also offer our congratulations to their parents
The Sick of our Parish Please pray for all those who are ill at this time including Seamus Meehan, Sr. Annie Bromham IBVM, baby Lily Illyanou, Elsa Bayabos, Geraldine McBride, Fiona Wright, Becki Vousden, Vertina Fernandes, Veronica Hamilton, Claire Whitehead, Alice Daly, Richard Mayes, Sheila Doohan, Janet Szymczak, Noah Gregorio, Edie Hale, Gerry Smith, Edmond Mansfield, Ethel Holloway, Teresa Hill, Ida Daswa, Catrin Rees-Doherty, John Rowland, Donal Moore, Margaret Moloney, Jim Moss, Margaret Malloney, Ruth O’Gorman, John Baxter, Derita Whyte, Carmen Mincu & Teresa Virrueta;may the Lord comfort them in their illness.

The Deceased Please pray for the repose of the souls of all those who have died recently including Nasreen, John Kellett, Sheila Coyle, Kathleen Rosser, Pete Helliwell, Eryk John Szyminowski, Kenneth Colfer, Patrick Connolly, Veronica Palmer, Douglas Palmer, Martin Daly, Stella Melbourne, Mary Murphy and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time

Thank you A very, very big thank you to everyone whom came to celebrate our Golden Wedding. For all the wonderful cards; messages; 'NON' Presents; flowers Mass Cards etc. We wish you all God blessings for your love and generosity. We are blessed to be in this parish and to be served by the MSCs. Terry and Steve Pickard.
Finances and Offerings

Last weekend’s offertory amounted to £1,700. Many thanks for your generosity.
Ss Alban and Stephen Parish Mission 2015
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