When Should You Detail Your Car? 

If you’ve got a car, the possibilities are you’ve got a lot of questions about car detailing. Perhaps one of the questions you have in mind is when is the best time of the year to hire a car detailing service.  

For those who don’t know, a lot of professionals suggest that a vehicle should a routine detailing, at least once every 4 months. There are a lot of reasons for this. First, usually, the lifespan of the waxes used by most car detailers lasts around 3 to 4 months. The external elements can damage your car’s paint once the wax is gone. Next, contaminants such as insects and pollen lodge on the surface of your car in each season. This could result in damage. There is a chance of getting damage to the external paint if you prefer taking your vehicle to an automated car wash. The towels and brushes utilized in the car wash can lead to swirls in the paint and small scratches.  

However, a lot of professionals recommend a complete mobile car detailing Las Vegas during the summer and fall season because of the ideality of the car detailing process, the severity of the seasons, economic reasons, and financial constraints.  


A lot of experts suggest that you detail your vehicle during the fall to prevent the deadly impacts of winter. This will help you avoid the early frosts of winter. On almost all occasions, winter is linked with salty conditions. This can offer the best condition for rust development, influence your vehicle’s mechanics, and damage the clear finish.  

Drivers can take advantage of the conditions to strengthen and add additional protection to your car since the temperatures are pretty moderate during fall. You should have installed the right protection system for your vehicle when winter hits on the ground.  


For almost every individual, summer happens to be the busiest time of the year. For people with vehicles, it is a time to take a break, tour a lot, and go for a couple of sporting festivities. For your vehicle, the summer season isn’t as welcoming since it gets a fair share of the fun. Usually, the car’s interior has to host a couple of weird objects. This includes stains such as coffee spills and food. Meanwhile, the vehicle’s exterior becomes the unwilling receiver of elements such as bug splats, acid rain, tree sap, and droppings of birds. Aside from that, during the summer, the tough Ultra Violet rays are harmful to the car’s paint quality. UV rays will damage the car’s color. 

It is best to detail your car during the summer season since it provides more sunlight. Waxing during the dry weather enables the wax to dry out first before it protects your vehicle unless you are utilizing a high-quality wax. A lot of experts suggest using UV protective products for interior detailing. This will help prevent the interior from fading and cracking. You should detail every exterior window by applying wax or paint sealant.