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Computer Cookies - changing rules

Our website is already compliant

With effect from 26th May 2011, there are new rules for websites using cookies and similar technologies

What's a cookie ?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded on to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies allow a website to recognise a user’s machine.

Cookies might be used, for example, to remember your preferences on a website, to record what you have put in your shopping basket before you check out, to count the number of people looking at a website or to look at how users navigate the site.

For more information about cookies, how they work and what choices you can make through your own browser settings see: www.allaboutcookies.org

Why is our website already compliant ?

Because we have never used cookies, and we don't intend to.  Our website is intended purely to be a source of information about for parish, and it's not interactive.

Another common reason cookies are counters.... we don't use them.   Of course we're interested in how many of you visit our wesite, what you use it for, and how often you visit. We'd also love your feedback, suggestions and ideas about how you might change it..    but you can do that by e-mailing us or contacting our webmaster via the Parish Office

Are there any exceptions on our website, and if so why.. and what's being done about them ?

Yes, there are two types

1.  Where we use embedded code from other websites, and at the moment, there are only two such pages, our calendar and our maps

Both of these pages use information available from Google.  Because the new rules are compulsory, then we expect that Google will conform to the ruling, and will make the necessary changes to its own sites, so that they comply. In Google's case, we expect they will continue to use cookies, but they will comply with the ruling by ensuring visitors to their calendar, maps (and other) sites will be made aware of the cookies before proceeding, and so we expect this will be reflected on our two pages.  All websites have until May 2012 to implement necessary changes

2. Where our website includes links to other sites, such as other parishes, charities, the diocese, etc.   We are not responsible for the compliance of those sites with the ruling

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