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Book Recommendation
The Diversity of Christianity
by Mario D'Andrea

What a bewildering array of Churches there is in today's Christianity, and such a far cry from the simple way of life arising from the ministry and teaching of Jesus Christ!  The existence of many thousands of denominations around the world contributes to the multiplicity of ways of expressing the Christian message.

This book sets out to explore some of the main events of Christianity and present them in their historical context.  Many of us know something about the main Christian events but are not always sure how these fit together.  This book has been written to help you to do that.

The first section of the book contains a very brief history of the Church focusing particularly on events that have a relevance to the schisms and splits within Christianity. 

The next section shows the position of the Church today with the major Christian groupings. 

At the end of these two sections is a timeline that complements the description of events and provides a context of time for some of the most significant events in Christian history.

I found Mario's book really helpful. 
It clearly paints the picture of 2,000 years of Christianity in a very readable and concise way without being too “heavy”.  All Christians should read it, especially Catholics, and hopefully we will all catch a prayerful heart for ecumenism, which surely is in the heart of our Father God
David Payne, Director of
Catholic Faith Exploration

“Why two churches ?” He was asked; he replied “that’s the one I go to and that’s the one I don’t”.  A mariner’s story reflects the fractured history of the Church of God, divided by doctrinal and liturgical differences, which are often hard to follow or understand.  Mario’s book helps us to appreciate and respect how difference denominations and groups have emerged, so that we can learn from each other, and grow in our appreciation of the Church of God

Rev Graham Clarke,
Minister of Marshalswick
Baptist Free Church 

The Diversity of Christianity is published by www.lulu.com and currently available only
from Mario D’Andrea (on 01727 765625 or mariodandrea@hotmail.com).
All proceeds go equally to CAFOD and Christian Aid

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