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15th Sunday (Ord, Year  B)
12th July 2015 click here for the most recent bulletin

Marshalswick Mass Centre
Starting on Sunday, 26th July through to the end of August, Mass at Marshalswick will be celebrated at the Baptist Free Church in Sherwood Avenue while St John Fisher School undergoes refurbishment work. Mass will begin at the earlier time of 8.30am during this period.
We would like to thank Rev. Graham Clarke and the Baptist Church community for this very kind opportunity. To accommodate their community we will endeavour to be finished and out of the church by 9.30am. Priests will need to have shorter sermons and also the music needs to be curtailed to fit our allotted time-scale.

Parish Mission
Our Parish will be holding a Mission conducted by the Sion Community for two weeks (one of preparation and one of mission) from 10th October to 24th October Mission webpages now available - click here for more >>>

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The Communications Group - a PPC priority group

What is the PPC ?
The PPC (Parish Pastoral Council) works in collaboration with the Priest/Clergy for the time being of the Parish under the direction of the Bishop of Westminster. The PPC is called to participate with the Priest/Clergy for the time being in the Pastoral Ministry of proclaiming God's word, celebrating the sacraments,
caring for the faithful, promoting the mission of the Church to the world, and being a good steward of parish resources. The scope includes all the practical matters of Parish life, responding to the call of Christ to Peter "Feed my lambs, feed my sheep."

PPC Priority Groups

Six groups/activities were identified to be "priorities" at the 2011 Parish Assembly.  Click here to read about any of them

  Parish Friends
  Justice & Peace

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Contacting the PPC
Feel free to approach any of the PPC members after Masss, or you can e-mail the PPC as a group at

The Communications Group

Primary Objective The primary objective of the Communications Group is to ensure that the whole variety of activities in the parish is communicated effectively (both inside the church and to the outside world).

Priority Objectives

Promote the Parish Website by, for example, making an expanded downloadable version of the Parish Magazine available through it.
Produce the Parish Magazine:

- Primarily a ‘news’ magazine. Colourful, attractive – photographs,
- 3 or 4 times per year.
- Available as an e-magazine to download from the Parish website
- Paper copies available at church & Marshalswick Mass centre,
  also delivered through home visits.

Produce a Visitors Brochure:
- Primarily intended for visitors to the town,  the Visitors
  Brochure will provide information on the location of the church
  and Mass centres, Mass times, and contact details for
  Presbytery. It will be made available through the tourist
  office, hotels, guests houses, and by download from the
  Parish website.

Create a central database with the following purpose:
- contains contact information for all parishioners.
- support for parish programmes and initiatives by identifying
  potential helpers.
- facilitate the engagement of more parishioners in
  church activities.
- make it easy to contact parishioners in relation to a parish
  group, programme or initiative.
- communicate parish initiatives and programmes to potential
Find and use opportunities for articles in the local Press

Meetings  The team does not meet but communicates by e-mail

Who's who ?

David Myles

  Mike Walsh

Linda Chandler
(database, IT)

Judy Edmonds
(database, IT, magazine)

Mario D'Andrea

Anne Myles
(magazine, press)

Ivana Mearns

Sara Nash

Chris Moran
(database, IT)

Gina Procaccini
(Weekly Bulletin)

  Maria Larmer

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