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2011 parish Assembly SS Alban & Stephen Catholic Church in St Albans

The New Mass setting

Message from Fr. Charles, 10th September 2011

Last Sunday we said goodbye to the prayers of the Mass of the 2nd Edition of the Roman Missal. It is important to let go of those prayers that we have become so accustomed to over the past number of years, so that we can welcome the new translation which has been presented to us.

However we feel about this new translation, it is important to remember that it is what we will be using over the next number of years so we need to try to make the words our own and to learn to pray the Mass in this new way.

In order to achieve a familiarity with and to pray the prayers I am suggesting that we will slow down so that all of us have time to absorb the words. While we adopt fully the 3rd edition it is important that we have a deep respect for the feelings of many who find the whole process difficult to understand and to accept.

This is the very least we can expect from a Christian community

So what does this new translation offer us?  First of all, there is a fuller expression of the content of the original texts. Then, there is a closer connection with the Sacred Scriptures which inspire so much of our liturgy.. Also, there is a recovery of a vocabulary that enriches our understanding of the mystery we celebrate.

The publication of the new translation of the Missal is a special moment of grace in the English-speaking world. It offers an opportunity to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the mystery we celebrate each week.

At the end of his visit last year, Pope Benedict asked us to use this moment for genuine renewal. He said: ‘I encourage you now to seize the opportunity that the new translation offers for in-depth catechesis on the Eucharist, and renewed devotion in the manner of its celebration.'

The Roman Missal in its new English translation will be published by the Catholic Truth Society in Autumn 2011. The full text of the Missal will be used at Mass from the First Sunday of Advent this year. The full use of the published Missal from the beginning of Advent will be preceded by the use of just the Order of Mass in the new translation from September 2011. For these three months from September to November, the Church in England and Wales will become familiar with those parts of the translations which are prayed at every Mass, and this will be accompanied by catechesis on the Mass and the new translatiion.

Useful Resources


We have a sample stting (presented as a missallette) for the first Sunday in September.

Click here to have a look

Musical Settings
More to follow, but for the time being, here are some recordings of the Mass Setting which the diocese has already "approved" and hopes will become familiar to people in all parishes.

Click any of the links below to listen, here on line, free of charge


Lamb Of God

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