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Hands Together - Tiplyang Project   
Helping communities help themselves out of poverty

Tiplyang was the home of Honorary Lieutenant Tul Bahadur Pun VC. In his memory and that of Major Jimmy Lumley and Captain Michael Allmand VC,the Allmand and Lumley families funded the building of the new school by the Gurkha Welfare Trust (see background for more details). Elizabeth Allmand responded to requests for further help by establishing Hands Together - Tiplyang Project which is working with the villagers of Tiplyang and the neighbouring communities of Banduk and Dosalle to provide ongoing support.

Mike  Crawshaw in Nepal !!!
Parishioner Mike Crawshaw is now in Nepal visiting the communities that are receiving aid from Hands Together. He's already had to climb 1,500m to reach Tiplyang, Banduk, and some of the other more remote villages... AND he has to get back down again despite having undergone knee surgery earlier in the year! 

Here's Mike's blog!!

...... 13th October

A final visit to the tiplyang school. Joined in the morning assembly exercise to the amusement of the children. Then the science teacher- a clever, well-educated man- asked for ideas for a science class. I asked for the school science equipment. He produced it from two shoe boxes. A microscope, a magnet, a modelling knife and a few other things. Any ideas? Yes, we'll get you some science equipment. Lovely farewell from teachers then all the children came out to wave and shout goodbye. Then presents and sincere best wishes exchanged with the head and his wife with whom i had stayed. Their daughter who has been invaluable escorted me on the bus to beni. Another  goodbye. But in truth it will, it must, only be farewell to Tiplyang.

...... 12th October

5.30 am. First glimpse of light over the valley top, two or three thousand metres up. A gong sounds. Rooster crows. Bells and morning prayers at the shrine and in houses. Now a radio blaring out nepali traditional music. 6.30 breakfast over and every member of every family starts to work in the house, garden or fields. School starts at ten so that work can be done first. I will be heading back then. I hope they let me go quietly. But i suspect not.

...... 10th October

Can't sleep for thinking. Yesterday, after another garland visit I was asked to teach 'a little english or science'. Ended up teaching the rest of the day. Even the older class thought stars were smaller than the sun. Nobody had heard of an atom. One child had heard of lionel messi. Then the teachers asked me to explain the scrabble we had bought them last year. I refereed  games full of laughter, two and three letter words. The english teachers managed four! Nobody argued. I have not heard a voice raised in anger anytime. After tea there was a final meeting with the heads of the schools and village development committees to finish the proposed action plan we have been working on all week.

Day 5, 8th October

All is well. I have had a warm welcome in tiplyang. Beautiful village and lovely people. Had very good meetings. I have made it to banduk! The mountains are incredible. All downhill from here!

Day 4,  7th October

That was a long day. Lots of very informative but challenging meetings with various education, welfare, development and tourism  experts in Pokhara. I thought i was getting an easy end to the day  attending a local rotarary club presentation at six. But then I found out that I was the presentation! Then- not knowing what a grumpy, anti-social Yorkshire-man looks like - they invited me to stay after and have tea and cake. I thought- let them eat cake! - where is the wine? But obviously I did recognise these were dedicated local experts who are of the same  wavelength and will support our work. Then I shopped for school provisions and finalised the trip to Tiplyang tomorrow. This is where the business end really starts.

Day 3, 6th October....

Well I have survived the first 'relatively dangerous' internal flight to Pokhara- though I would take a flight on a turboprop over a journey by taxi any day. Interesting demonstration outside the airport. Drums and shouting and people on hunger strike about the idea of expanding Pokhara airport to become an international one. No. It's not what you think. These people WANT to live beside a bigger airport. I gave them details of estate agents in Hounslow.

Day 2, 5th October....

Just had the most frightening taxi ride of my life from katmandu airport to the hotel. Friday night rush hour for five million on rutted streets built for carts with no line down the middle. I think they mostly drive on the left but it was difficult to tell! There are no traffic lights and few roundabouts. Cars just honk past each other at junctions- first to blink gives way. No pavement so pedestrians in the mix as well. We clipped one man and  the driver didnt stop- just told me to push the wing mirror back out. Several other near misses. All perfectly normal apparently!

Day 1, 4th October....

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and prayers ahead of my trip. I must say that when I discovered Anne Rose had asked for prayers I wondered whether she knew something I didn’t. I had a quick look on the map to make sure Tiplyang is in Nepal and not Afghanistan. It is. So I am flying out tonight. Our partner on the ground, Jyoti Gurung, has fixed up a fantastic schedule of meetings in Pokhara for Sunday and Monday with workers co-operatives, education and development authorities etc. And then it’s off to the hills to visit Tiplyang, Dosalle and Banduk (go on- see if you can find them on a map). I’m particularly looking forward to Banduk. Anne’s sister described it as almost medieval. It has no electricity, no running water and it’s probably best not to think what the loos are like. Still, so long as it has a pub with Sky Sports I’ll put up with anything. Thanks again. Mike.

What is Hands Together doing?

- Aided by trusted local experts we are supporting
   projects initiated by the community
- Paying for school uniforms and school meals
- Employing a villager to promote basic healthcare
- Paying for the training of 24 teachers
- Providing school equipment

With your help the work begun can continue and develop. We could

- Equip a play garden for nursery children
- Fund additional teachers' salaries to allow children to
  reach School Leaving Certificate Level.
- Explore with villagers further ways of improving the
  health of their community
- Promote business and trade in partnership with
  the community so it becomes self-sufficient


An Evening with Joanna Lumley

On Friday, 30 November 2012, our Patron Joanna Lumley will host a fund raising evening at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans. Drinks and Canapes followed by a talk from Joanna about the project and much more besides!  Tickets at £15 from the box office on 01727 857861, or online at www.abbeytheatre.org.uk, or click here to download a poster/leaflet

The Trustees & The Patron

The trustees of this charity - Anne Rose, Mary Corbett and Mike – are all parishioners. The Patron of the charity is Joanna Lumley who went out to the communities herself earlier in the year (photo with Anne Rose and children of the school attached)


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