Your pet is already part of your family. That’s why you will do everything you can to take care of them. However, there will be times where you can’t take care of them because of several reasons. This is where a pet sitter or dog walker Savannah comes in. 

However, you can’t simply hire anyone to take care of your dog. You’ve got to look for one that is qualified. To help you, here are a couple of indications of a bad pet sitter: 

Your Pet isn’t Supervised Properly 

If you see holes in your yard after a long day of work or vacation, it’s a sign that your pet isn’t properly supervised. You will need to raise this concern to your pet sitter and ensure they are not leaving your pet alone. This is particularly true if your pet does not have this type of behavior. You need to look for another pet sitter if this issue continues.  

Your Pet is Very Hostile or Scared 

As we’ve mentioned, you should not just hire anyone to take care of your pet. You have to look for someone who can get along with your pet. It is probably a sign that the pet sitter is abusing your pet if it suddenly shows a pattern of hostility or fear towards you.  

The job of a pet sitter is to make your life easy. They are there to help your pet feel like they are not alone. You need to look for a new one if that isn’t the case. 

Your Pet Has Mysterious Injuries 

By nature, pets are curious animals. That’s why along the way, they’ll be bound to get a couple of bruises and bumps. But, it is an obvious way to know that you have to hire a new one if your pet sitter cannot convey why your pet has a cut sustained or is limping while under their supervision. 

The Pet Sitter Has a Lock of Respect for Your House 

Your pet sitter should not be looking after your cat/dog if you cannot rely on them to care for your belongings. It does not go well for the long-term relationship for both your pet and you if you constantly find that the pet sitter does not respect your house rules. This includes not inviting other visitors into your property or taking their shoes off. Possibilities are your pet sitter is not also respecting your pet if they are not respecting your house.  

Your Pet is Having Regular Accidents inside Your House 

If you constantly smell pet odors or notice carpet stains, it’s an indication that your pet has not obtained a normal potty break or that they’re ignored. Another sign that you can look for is scratch marks on doors. This means that your dog is trying to attract the attention of the sitter to let them go outside.  

On the other hand, cats will look for other places to do their business if they are not able to access their litter box.