Stagnant water, also known as standing water that remains in place for several hours, days, or even weeks. Standing water is usually linked with backups, water leaks, and floods. This commonly takes place in the kitchen, bathrooms, crawl spaces, and basements once water can’t properly drain. Regardless if it’s from a sewage backup or a clean water source, it’ll enable mold and bacteria to develop over time and it will absorb into your materials, which could lead to water damage in your property. If you experience this, you should eliminate it right away. Here are some of the tips to consider: 

Eliminate standing water 

Begin the cleaning procedure by eliminating as much water as you can. If the water is deeper, utilize a wet-dry vacuum or a submersible pump. Once the standing water is just shallow, soak it up using blankets, cloth, or towels.  

Eliminate Damage material 

Water can break down or weaken carpet padding, carpeting, woodwork, and drywall. You need to get rid of the damaged materials that cannot be repaired. Moreover, clear the personal items and furniture out of the room for you to dry it easier.  

Dry the affected area 

Utilize dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the whole place as fast as possible. Doing this will limit structural damage and prevent mold. Thought you can utilize household fans, they would take much longer.  

Fix the damage source 

Search for the source of what caused the water to be stagnant and repair it right away. If you don’t take action about the source, there’s a possibility that the stagnant water will keep on coming back, which would result in more damage. Also, you may have to do some fixing before you remove water depending on what the cause is.  

Disinfect and clean the affected area 

Even after you have cleaned the area, mold and bacteria might develop on several surfaces. Clean the areas using a mild detergent to eliminate debris and dirt. Then, take time to disinfect it using a combination of 1 ¼ cups of bleach every one gallon of water.  

Restore the damaged are 

Ultimately, you need to restore the affected area. The precise procedure would differ depending on the damage. In several cases, this includes installing or cleaning new carpet, repainting, putting in new cabinets, and repainting drywall. 

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